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About Us

SheffWHO, founded in 2018, is a health-themed simulation in Sheffield, modelled after the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) largest annual meeting – The World Health Assembly. 

This simulation offers the opportunity for students, alumni and professionals from all disciplines to gather and engage within a global health topic.​


What is a WHO simulation?

A WHO simulation is an educational event that allows participants to recreate the process of the World Health Assembly held at the World Health Organisation (WHO) at its Headquarters in Geneva. Throughout the event, participants focus on one overall theme. Participants will be fulfilling a particular role out of four options: WHO Member States, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), pharmaceutical companies and the media. Through representing these roles, participants will be able to discuss, co-operate, and negotiate with other stakeholders in order to produce resolution papers that address the simulation theme.

What is the World Health Assembly?

The WHA is the decision-making organ of the WHO, in which delegations from all WHO Member States attend and direct attention to a specific health agenda that has been formulated by the Executive Board. The WHA does not, however, only focus on this specific health agenda. It also takes on the following functions: determining the Organization’s politics; supervising the financial policies; reviewing and approving programme budgets that have been proposed; and appointing the Director-General to the WHO. For more information about the WHA, please visit

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