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Preparation for the Conference

Get Informed

What kind of homework will I need to do before attending SheffWHO? How much work will it be?

We provide you with guides and direction on how to prepare for this event. We know people who came to these types of events with little preparation, and still walked out as enlightened and engaged delegates. There is a short 1-page position paper (i.e. your country’s / organisation’s position on the conference topic) that every delegate has to prepare. BUT don’t worry, it’s not a university assignment! We will provide you with guidance, including examples of different types of papers, and point you to resources to make this easy.

Is there a list of preparatory documents somewhere, and where can I find them?

We are putting together a whole range of documents for you so that you can be as prepared as possible before the event. They will be released a month before the conference. We will be uploading them onto the Resources page of our website gradually, as we finalise each of them. So please be sure to keep checking back!

Should I bring my laptop to SheffWHO?

Yes please! Either a laptop or a tablet.

We are hoping to be as green as possible, and therefore we will not be printing off any hard copies of the conference documents. We will provide free WIFI access for you so that you can view and amend these documents on your own device in real time. We will also aim to ensure that there are adequate numbers of charging points for your device. It is generally a lot easier doing it from a bigger screen than a phone!

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