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Navigating Turbulent Times: Health System Resilience in Armed Conflict

April 19th -21st 2024

The 2024 SheffWHO World Health Assembly simulation addresses the urgent theme of "Navigating Turbulent Times: Health Systems Resilience in Armed Conflict." With a record high of over 55 armed conflicts worldwide in 2022, affecting over a billion people and displacing more than 60 million, the strain on health systems is unprecedented. This simulation will explore the resilience of health systems—how they can maintain critical services, adapt to emergencies, and transform amidst conflict. Focus areas include leadership, the health workforce, and the continuity of vital health services. The goal is to devise strategies to bolster health system resilience, ensure continuous healthcare delivery, and protect healthcare workers in conflict zones, steering towards a future where health systems withstand and thrive amid crises.

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